Course Schedule






Day 0 20/06/2018 Late afternoon Arrive at school
      Meet faculty and fellow students
Day 1 21/06/2018 Morning The Bad stuff -why the oceans might be in trouble
      How science can help
    Afternoon Projects
      Communicating with decision makers
    Evening lecture To be determined
Day 2 22/06/2018 Morning Biodiversity metrics
      Biodiversity field sampling Miramare field site
    Afternoon Data entry, biodiversity lab
      Functional biodiversity
    Evening lecture Conservation genetics
Day 3 23/06/2018 Morning Fisheries biology
      Early AM trip to fish market or dock
      Age and growth, Yield per recruit
    Afternoon Life history laboratory
    Evening lecture Nassau grouper
Day 4 24/06/2018 Morning Fisheries impacts and management
      To be determined
    Afternoon Biodiversity field sampling site #2
    Evening lecture Turtle conservation and management
Day 5 25/06/2018 Morning Population assessment
    Afternoon Extinction risk and IUCN Red Listing
      Matrix modeling (M&M) life history lab
    Evening lecture Kemps ridly sea turtles
Day 6 26/06/2018 Morning Spatial management 
      Habitats, impacts, and hot spots
      Marine protected areas
      GIS tools
    Evening lecture To be determined
Day 7 27/06/2018   Food webs and ecosystems
      Loop analysis
      Forage fish
      Human uses, impacts, values
      People as part of the system
Day 8 28/06/2018 Morning Student project presentations
    Afternoon Field trip day 1 -Pula
Day 9 29/06/2018 All day Field trip day 2 -Blue World
Day 10 30/06/2018 All day Field trip day 3 -1/2 day wrap up and head home