About isMCS


The International School of Marine Conservation Science (isMCS) is an intensive 10-day course (includes travel days) focused on evidence-based conservation of marine systems from population to ecosystem levels, including human dimension and topical issues in marine conservation, organized jointly by the University of Primorska (Slovenia, EU) and the Oregon State University (USA) in collaboration with the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (Croatia, EU).

isMCS is primarily directed at MSc and PhD students with a basic degree in biology/ecology and related subjects. isMCS program includes in-class lectures, discussions and debates, problem solving exercises, computer labs, group projects, evening lectures given by invited speakers and field classes. The lecture portion of the isMCS is based out of the University of Primorska in the city of Koper, Slovenia, located on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea, with field classes to Italy and Croatia.

isMCS is taught in English by an international team of instructors from USA and Europe, with expertise in the different fields of marine conservation science. The school is accredited by both U.S. (5 credits) and the European university credit systems (7 ECTS), by the Oregon State University or the University of Primorska, respectively. 

Our goal is to provide not only concept and content, but to also facilitate interactions between, and learning among students coming from different countries and geo-political systems of Europe, Americas, Asia and the Indo-Pacific, and Africa. Given that students in this class are developing professionals who aim to make their careers in the field of marine conservation, these international contacts may form the basis for long-term international collaborative opportunities.

More information on the student requirements, tuition fees, student grants and registration are available here.


isMCS overview



isMCS 2018 dates








21 – 30 June 2018


University of Primorska  (lecture portion)

Koper, Slovenia, EU


Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (2-days field class)

Veli Lošinj, Croatia, EU






Official language






Basic degree (BSc) in biology, ecology and related subjects


Course level







7 ECTS credits (accredited by the University of Primorska)

5 Credits (accredited by the Oregon State University)


Course capacity


30 students


Student selection




Tuition fee*


450 € (for application through the University of Primorska)

2250 $ (for application through the Oregon State University)


*please see Registration page for details



Scholarships available



Two tuition grants provided by the University of Primorska


Registration deadline


1st February 2018 (for applications through the Oregon State University)

1st April 2018 (for applications through the University of Primorska)


Tuition payment deadline


15th June  2018 (for applicants through the Oregon State University)

15th May 2018 (for applicants through the University of Primorska)