Assoc. Prof. Patricija Mozetič, PhD


Marine Biology Station, National Institute of Biology of Slovenia

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Assoc. prof. Mozetič fields of expertise are phytoplankton ecology and physiology of coastal seas, including abundance, taxonomic composition, biomass and photosynthetic properties of phytoplankton and primary production measurements, study of harmful algal blooms, and eutrophication of coastal sea due to land-based pressures. She also analyses phytoplankton long-term series and relates changes in phytoplankton dynamics to natural fluctuations and changing climate. In 2016, she was appointed head of the research program “Coastal Sea Research” and chairperson of the National Committee of the IOC-UNESCO. She is involved in the implementation of European legislation in the field of water protection for the assessment of ecological and environmental status of the sea.

Invited talk title

Ecological time-series as a tool for detection of changes in plankton communities


Important information on the functioning of marine pelagic ecosystems can be derived from investigation of long-term planktonic studies that can encompass a period of up to several decades. Such studies with a historical perspective in time and space are primarily utilized to distinguish non-systematic natural variability from trends or shifts in the ecosystem that have often been related to eutrophication or anthropogenic disturbances. The shallow and land-locked northern Adriatic basin has undergone several changes at different trophic levels over the last decades, of which the most recent and basin-wide is the negative trend in concentrations of chlorophyll a.


  • Ph.D. – University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia, 1997. Dissertation title: The response of neritic phytoplankton to nutrient inputs in natural and controlled conditions.
  • M.Sc. – University of Zagreb, Natural History Faculty, Croatia, 1993.
  • B.Sc. – University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia, 1989.

Adjunct appointments

  • University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, Department of Biodiversity, Slovenia

Classes taught

  • Marine ecology
  • Marine botany
  • Aquatic ecosystems

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