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For questions about travel, please contact:

  • U.S students: Scott Heppell (mail)
  • Other students: Aleš Oven (mail)

Please note that the School ends on the Island of Lošinj (Croatia) and you should plan your trip home from the city of Mali Lošinj!

How to get to Koper

By Airplane

There are a few airports in the vicinity of Koper, which provide good connections to Europe and beyond. Trieste (Italy), Venice (Italy), Pula (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) airports are all relatively close by, while low-cost airlines operate on three of them (Trieste, Venice Treviso and Pula). 

A well organized shuttle service GoOpti operates between Koper and all airports, providing the most economic and time efficient transportation.

International Airports Distance from Koper
Trieste, Italy (airport Ronchi dei Legionari) 65 km
Pula, Croatia (airport Pula) 95 km
Ljubljana, Slovenia (airport Brnik) 130 km
Venice, Italy (airport Marco Polo) 190 km

By bus

Koper has a central bus station and is well connected with numerous cities in Europe. You may inquire in your travel agencies on the best way to get there. Depending on your origin, if you are unable to find direct fares to Koper, you may travel through bus stations in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy), or bus stations in the cities of Rijeka and Pula in Croatia.

Information on bus connections may be found on the following links:

If you are arriving from:

A low-cost FLIXBUS also serves Koper and neighbouring towns. 

By train

Koper has a railway station, and nearby city of Trieste (Italy) has a major train station. The Trieste station has direct connections to Venice, Vienna, and other locations.

All information regarding train transfers and timetables are available here.

Local transport

Everything in Koper should be within easy walking distance of where you stay. For local transport city busses are available. For field trips charter bus will be provided.

How to depart from Mali Lošinj

Please note that the School ends on the Island of Lošinj (Croatia) and you should plan your trip home from the city of Mali Lošinj!

By bus

The primary means of transport from Lošinj to the mainland is bus. The bus will take you to Rijeka and Zagreb (Croatia) or Trieste (Italy), and from there you can plan your trip further. Mali Lošinj has everyday direct bus lines to Rijeka and Zagreb.

Information regarding bus timetable is available here. You can book the tickets in the tourist office of the Lošinj Island

After the School will finish, our isMCS bus will return to Koper (Slovenia), so you can come back to Koper with us, and plan your trip back home from Koper.

By airplane

Mali Lošinj has a small charter airport. Should you decide to take a scenic ride along the Adriatic coast to any major airport (Zagreb, Pula, Trieste), you may check available flights and plane ticket prices here.