Assoc. Prof. Scott A. Heppell, PhD


Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University



Dr. Scott A. Heppell is a fish biologist with research interests in the physiological ecology of fishes, in particular how physiology, behavior, and life history traits affect the interactions between fish populations and their respective fisheries. He has worked on bluefin tuna on the Atlantic high seas, Mediterranean, and east coast of the United States, on groupers throughout the southeast Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico, on rockfish in Oregon and Alaska, and on trout, steelhead, and salmon in Japan and the high deserts of eastern Oregon and Northern Nevada. His work allows him to collaborate with academic scientists, state and federal agencies, foreign agencies and universities, and commercial and recreational fishermen, working together to try and address issues related to the sustainability of marine and freshwater resources and their ecosystems. He also works on investigating the impacts that fishing gear and practices can have on benthic habitats and the fish communities that inhabit them.


  • Ph.D. - North Carolina State University, Department of Zoology. 1988. Dissertation title: „The reproductive physiology of gag grouper (Mycteroperca microlepis)“.
  • M.Sc. - North Carolina State University, Department of Zoology. 1994. Thesis title: „Development of universal vertebrate vitellogenin antibodies“.
  • B.Sc. - University of Washington, Biology. 1990.

Adjunct Appointments

  • Oregon State University, Marine Resource Management Program, College of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Oregon State University, Coastal Marine Experiment Station, College of Agricultural Science

Classes taught

  • Marine Biology
  • Fishery Biology
  • Investigations in Population Dynamics
  • Coastal Ecology and Resource Management
  • Sampling and Analysis Marine Fish Stocks
  • Environmental Phyisiology of Fish
  • The Groundfish Crisis
  • Principles of Pacific salmon management in the Northwest
  • Group Problem Solving - Marine Fisheries

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